Animation // California Endowment

An animation commissioned by The California Endowment.


Bad News // That Time I Went Viral

This is a long story, which you can learn more about by reading this. A mash-up of "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News" from The Wiz to "Bad News" by Kanye West. After posting this, Solange invited me to her Guggenheim performance for the Red Bull Music Academy.


Tallahassee Noles Playboys

Inspired by Conner O'Malley's "Wrigleyville Cubs Playboys," my team at The Eggplant created a satirical piece to comment on the hypermasculine/racist/misogynist/etc. culture at FSU.


Venezuela // 360 VR

As my final project for my Immersive Media course I explored how an acapella group on campus is bringing awareness to the Venezuelan crisis. I produced, filmed, interviewed subjects and edited this project with the help from two classmates.



Found footage experimental piece where I recovered and digitized Hi-8 home videos.


Eggplant Bid Day

Parody of sorority bid day videos, a popular trend in Greek life made to welcome an incoming class of sisters. The Eggplant decided to take it a different route. I helped produce and direct this piece.



Observational documentary where I follow a group of badass hijabi women who craft visual landscapes through fashion photography.